University of Oregon

Summer Special Programs

Prepare for a summer experiencing a subject that fits your interests and career objectives.

Archaeological Field School  Facebook

Onsite immersive field school opportunity for archaeology students from a broad range of backgrounds. Summer-only.

Building for Games and Immersive Platforms

This week-long bootcamp gives students an introduction to the tools used for designing and building digital games and immersive platforms.

Community Education Program

An opportunity for nondegree seeking students to register for University of Oregon classes without formal admission. Credits earned as a CEP student are recorded on a UO transcript.

Northwest Indian Language Institute  Facebook

Provides training to Native language teachers and community members in language teaching, development, and support toward the goal of preserving languages and creating communities of speakers.

Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School  Facebook

Historic preservation field school is intended for anyone interested in working in a hands-on environment, to learn about preservation by doing it, and interested in seeing a spectacular part of the United States.