University of Oregon

Conference Services

Conference Services provides administrative support to a variety of conferences and noncredit workshops, including events offered by academic departments and individual faculty members.

Conference Services hosts activities for UO Students and community members, academic societies, associations, regional meetings, and nonacademic community-interest programs.

Through Conference Services, Continuing and Professional Education offers the following services:

Registration Management

  • Registration processing—web, phone, fax, and mail
  • Online registration re-access (modify attendee registration options)
  • Multiple payment options—check, cash, PO, Visa, MC, Amex, EFT
  • Automatic registration e-mail confirmation
  • Comprehensive attendee confirmation materials—e-mail and web
  • Attendee registration materials assembly/preparation
  • Badge processing—design, production, distribution
  • Lead generation system
  • On-site operations
  • Postconference maintenance and follow up

Exhibit Management and Sales

  • Full-service sales and research team
  • Industry research
  • Exhibit space, sponsorship and advertising sales:
    • Multiple preconference campaigns—mail, e-mail, phone
    • On-site sales—face-to-face meetings and follow up
  • Booth assignment and contract processing—web, phone, fax, and mail
  • Multiple payment options—check, cash, PO, Visa, MC, Amex, EFT
  • Floor plan design, development, and management
  • Online interactive exhibit hall floor plan environment—development and maintenance
  • Meeting facilitation (B2B and attendee)—location design, sale of space, and matchmaking service
  • Exhibitor manual development—contracting arrangements (general contractor and other suppliers)
  • Comprehensive exhibitor services, website design and maintenance
  • Exhibitor communications—e-mail and web
  • Exhibit guide facilitation and production
  • Lead generation system
  • On-site operations
  • Postconference maintenance and follow up

Meeting Planning

  • Site selection
  • Facility logistics—food and beverage, meeting room assignments and sets
  • Hotel contracts
  • A/V coordination
  • Security

Program Development

  • Online session proposal and review
  • Speaker communication — email and web-based
  • Full-service speaker management website—speaker profile, file management and posting, connect‑to‑content tool
  • Integrated web-based program search tools

Web Development and Database Design

  • Website design—integration of established look and feel, generation of new look
  • Website maintenance
  • Hosting and archive service
  • Supplier negotiation
  • Database customization and integration
  • Mobile responsive site development and mobile app data integration
  • Customized systems development

Marketing and Promotions

  • Promotional vehicle design and messaging development—print, PDF, and web-based
  • Website integration
  • Messaging campaigns design and facilitation—postal mail, e-mail (text and html), and phone
  • On-site promotion opportunities—games, raffles, and other activities

Graphics and Publications

  • Materials design—integration of established look and feel or generation of new look
  • Publication development—programs and promotional materials in print and online
  • Print supplier negotiation
  • Production and delivery facilitation

Support Services


  • Payment processing
  • Invoicing and collections service
  • Account reconciliation and reporting
  • Payment distribution

Phone Center

  • 1-800 and direct line phone service
  • Multiple fax lines
  • Customer service access, Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Attendee calling Service (e.g., sold-out and cancelled sessions, and so on)

Data Management

  • Data entry and review
  • Quality control
  • Troubleshooting and follow up
  • Reporting—secure, comprehensive, real-time, web-based

Operations and Logistics

  • Public space design and layout
  • Floor plan development and facilitation
  • Facility logistics
  • Signage, banners, and structures—design, management, and production facilitation
  • General contractor liaison services